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“...we were very happy with API and will definitely recommend you to our friends.”
-  S.& C. Furrer

“We were extremely satisfied with the inspection. Ed was very nice and really thorough...He took the time to make sure that we completely understood the discrepancies that he found”
- B. Knapp

“My Real Estate agent was also very impressed...she said she would also refer you to other clients”
- M.& L. Donnelly

“Very satisfied, inspector (was) helpful, knowledgeable, professional”
- S. Darnel

“...thanks for making it so easy to ask questions (and not feel dumb asking them)”
- J. Cotgreave

“The inspector was excellent, thorough, and very professional. Thank you!”
- D. Carmichael

“I would definitely reconmmend/use this company again from the time we made the phone call to set up the appointment right until the end of the inspection the company was professional and kind. Thank you!”
- A. Allsop

“Joe was extremely helpful and explained all (the) questions we had. He was courteous and a pleasure to deal with.”
- J. & K. Martin

“We are working with the homeowner on the electrical, oil tank, plumbing issues if there are questions...we’ll contact Ed (at) once. He did a terrific job and we certainly appreciate it.”
- R. & C. Pacheco

“Your inspector did a very good and complete walk through. He was able to find problems that I missed.”
- T. Miller

“Thank you for your professional inspection and advice. Your detailed inspection helped me understand and correct any problems that exist”
- J. Glodowski

“Thank you for all the information that you provided us with. My husband was very pleased with your service and said he would most definitely call on you again...”
- D. & T. Hildesheim