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About API

We offer complete in-depth inspections 7 days a week

America's Property Inspections follows the standards set forth by such prominent associations as:

  • ASHI-American Society of Home Inspectors

  • NAHI-National Association of Home Inspectors

  • SPREI-Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors

  • NACHI - National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

We are also members of every organization listed above


We hear day in and day out how happy our customers are. We know you'll NEVER find a more professional, knowledgeable, experienced company. Let us show you!

  • Every home inspection report contains 30 or more pages

  • Full written report within 24 hours/ can also be faxed or emailed

  • Clients welcome on all inspections

  • Free consultation available before and after you purchase your home

  • We will inform you of any areas of concern & can suggest the most convenient & economical way to rectify them.

Call or E-mail Us

  • America's Property Inspections is fully licensed, insured and bonded
  • America's 1st choice for Home Inspections
  • Referred by your friends, lawyers and banks
  • Inspections scheduled within 24 hours
  • We have licensed inspectors/engineers
  • We can build a home from the ground up
  • We are one of the most knowledgeable and experienced companies in the United States
  • We take great pride in every inspection we do and inspect each home as if it was for our own family
  • Over 100,000 inspections accomplishments

We are a company built on Honesty, Integrity & Professionalism

$500 Guarantee

FINALLY... A Home Inspection Company that GUARANTEES its work... with the best money back offer in the entire industry.

We want you to be 100% Satisfied or we will send you a check for $500.

Let me start off by making you a BIG Promise. If we inspect your home and you are not 100% satisfied with our inspection

We will SEND YOU A CHECK for $500.00

After 15+ years in the Home Inspection Business I have seen many fly-by-night Home inspectors come and go. I feel sorry for the homebuyers that are victimized by these unscrupulous operators.

I am so confident in our inspections that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. As far as I know, this is the only home inspection guarantee like this.

You see, I understand this is an important step in your life. This guarantee is just one more way to demonstrate my desire and commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. Also, I want to ensure you have an enjoyable real estate experience.

This guarantee applies for a pre purchase single family home inspection only and no other service.

Easy to meet limitations and qualifications to the $500 dollar Money Back Guarantee:

  1. Client must be personally present during the entire inspection.
  2. The $500.00 check will be paid to the person who originated the fee payment
  3. A signed and witnessed release from liability form must be received to initiate the above process. This is mailed to you after we receive your request form and fully executed contract of sale on the home signed by both parties and postmarked within 3 days of the inspection.
  4. This offer stands for a period of 3 days after our initial inspection only. Of course, if a concern comes up after that period, we will be here for you; it's just that the 500.00 dollar offer will not apply.
  5. A written, mailed request form for $500.00 payment must be completed and postmarked within three (3) days of the inspection date and must have a copy of the fully executed contract of sale on the home signed by both party's.
  6. This offer is good for "pre-purchase" inspections only - ordered by a buyer for a single family home under full contract.

The form below must be completely filled out and mailed along with the fully executed sale of contract signed by both parties for the sale of the home and post marked with in 3 days of the home inspection. All conditions must be met for the $500 guarantee to apply.

Download the $500 GUARANTEE Claim Form